Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shaun White Skateboard

Check this out! This is a commercial I cast for the new Shaun White Skateboarding videogame for the Wii. This is probably one of my favorite spots! The cast was incredible - so professional, so fun and they really enjoyed working together as a team. The spot looks beautiful - the colors, lens flares, everything! I just love it!


Congratulations Lexi DiBenedetto!!

Lexi is on fire!! She just recently signed with Innovative Artists Agency and wrapped the lead role of Chloe in the feature film "Harley's Hill" directed by Don Most!! WAY TO GO LEXI!!! Lexi has been on callbacks for producers for the role of Annabell in the Disney pilot "Jessie", for the role of Iris in the Disney XD untitled John Heder Pilot, and for the role of Whitney in the new series "Clue". She is on fire!! YAY LEXI!!!

I have to tell you a little more about the amazing Lexi! She is such a hard-worker - extremely determined with such a great big heart!! She is such a talented performer and takes every single job seriously - big or small...she gives it 200%. We adore Lexi and we are so proud of her and all her accomplishments!!!!!! Way to go Lexi!!! You are awesome!!!


Congratulations Brenden Miranda!!!

Brenden is such an amazing kid!! He has been with us for over a year now and travels each week to LA from San Diego for classes, auditions, coaching, and so much more!! He is so dedicated and loves acting!! He is known for being the master at memorizing - you give him a 5 page script and 5 minutes and he is good to go!! Brenden recently filmed an educational drama where he played Adam an autistic child. The film will be used to train educators and psychologists on how to deal with autistic kids in the classroom. He also had a big audition this past week for the new Disney show "Gulliver Quinn". Brenden got the callback for the series regular role of Harold!!!!! WAY TO GO BRENDEN!! He is so determined, super smart, and ready to take on anything!! When Mavrick saw Brenden in our last showcase - they contacted us immediately!! He just signed with them across the board!! Congratulations Brenden!!! We are so excited and so proud of you!!!!!


YAY for Lucas Wolk!!!!

Congratulations to the AWESOME Lucas Wolk!! Above is a picture of his recent graduation from Kindergarten!! Lucas is such a cool kid!! He joined Studio E about a year ago and we love him!! He recently performed the role of "Charlie Brown" in our showcase and the audience LOVED him!! Lucas is not only an awesome actor, but an amazing karate kid - check out his picture below!! He just mastered his testing for green belt!! Way to go Lucas!!! We are so proud of you!!


Congratulations Jessica Reuttiger!!

Here is what one of the toughest critics in Las Vegas is saying about Jess!! "In the title slot, Jessica Ruettiger belts out "Tomorrow" like there's no today. She's equally adept at communicating the vulnerability of ballads. You fall in love with her, without being pushed into it." YAY JESS!!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!! To read the full review, visit:

Jess joined Studio E about 6 months and flew in with her awesome mom from Las Vegas every week just for class!! She is EXTREMELY committed, SUPER talented, and an INCREDIBLY beautiful person! We are lucky to have her in our lives and in our program!!! Congratulations Jess!!! We are so proud of you!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Studio E's Improv Class!

We started to really tap into the improv world this week!! I always stress to my actors to - add on and make it your own. Sometimes I see 100 people a day for 1 role and the only way one can really stand out is by - adding on and making it your own. Improv really helps us do just that - we get out of our head and bring some really great stuff to the table. Improv can be really tricky - we say think, but don't think. What does that mean? Well we do lots of exercises to get the brain thinking and aware of everything going on in the group and once we are in the scene we let our brains take over and we go with the moment. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Another thing I really stress. If you go big or do something no one else is doing - you will stand out. It may not be right, and we may ask you to bring it down or change the tone - but I can promise you...we will remember you...because you went big and you will stand out in our mind at the end of the day.

Some improv stuff we learned this week...
  1. LISTENING - listening to your partner and really taking in everything they are doing helps the scene find the funny.
  2. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF - of course we can bring characters to the table, but inside we are all funny and the more we play each scene to the best of our abilities the easier the scene can find the funny.
  3. TAKING EXPERIENCES FROM OUR OWN, REAL LIFE - we do this one awesome exercise where we tell a real story about something we went through (could be something funny) and that should inspire someone else in the group to bring something to the table and so forth as so on. We are all funny inside - the more we make it true to us and our character the easier the scene can find the funny.
Stay tuned for more exciting improv tips as we continue to explore it each week.



Here is a still from a film I did the casting on!

This is a psychological horror film that just won an award at The Sacramento Horror Film Festival in 2010. Congrats to Micah and the gang - it was awesome!



Here is one of my AT&T spots! I loved the cast!! They looked perfect for this and they were all super talented and professional. I also think this just looks beautiful! Great job Michael Chaves and the entire crew!



This is a beautiful spot! I was blown away by how great it turned out. The kid I cast in this was also super cool and awesome to work with!


Congratulations Lexi DiBenedetto!!

Congratulations Lexi DiBenedetto!!! Lexi is an absolutely amazing actress!! She is extremely committed and always gives 150%. We started working with Lexi about 4 months ago and we are constantly blown away by her commitment, dedication and incredible skills!!! If you haven't already seen her in this anti-smoking PSA, tune into Criminal Minds!!! Lexi just booked a guest spot on Criminal Minds and shot with them last week!! WAY TO GO LEXI!!! We are so proud of you!!!!

21X helps us organize our Actor's Book!!

Studio E was so excited to have Tara Kenevan join us for class a couple weeks ago! Tara runs a professional organizing company called 21x in NY and LA!! I approached Tara asking for advice about organizing my actors and Tara was AWESOME!!!! She created, The Actor's Book!!!

It is so easy to get unorganized and I can't tell you how many times I have seen actors and parents scramble and feel overwhelmed right before they come in to audition for me. My goal when casting is to make the actors feel so incredibly comfortable so I can get the absolute best out of them and when they are scrambling it can be really challenging. The Actor's Book takes care of that problem and lets the parents and actors feel completely in control and calm when waiting in the lobby. The book organizes and controls EVERYTHING from you commercial headshot to the quarters you will need to fill the meter!

Click here to check out 21x and learn more about organizing those books!! Here is a great pic of MaDonna and her Dad who claim that Tara's class was one of the most informative they have experienced since they moved to LA nine years ago! Their book looks awesome!!


Brookie books again!!!

Congratulations to Miss Brookie Lloyd AGAIN!!! We just heard the news this weekend - Brook just booked a Cabbage Patch Kids commercial and she is shooting it this week!!! YAY BROOKIE!! We are extremely proud of her and her hard work!!! She is not only super talented, but a great kid!! We can't wait to hear all the details!! WAY TO GO BROOKIE!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congratulations Lou Wagner!

Lou Wagner is a true professional! Not only is he is one of the greatest actors I have ever worked with, he has the biggest heart in the whole world. He works so incredibly hard at perfecting his skills as an actor and still has time to volunteer at a dog rescue center EVERY weekend. Check out Lou in this Western!

You can also hear Lou this Saturday at noon on KTLA, as he will be on a segment of The Young Icon, which is running nationally! He also booked a supporting role in the film Doughboy and will film a couple days in West Va and a Pottery Barn Teens Commercial. Seriously he is on fire and we are so incredibly proud of him!!! WAY TO GO LOU!!! We love you to pieces and love having you in our program and in our lives!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are a few pictures from The Disney Tangled commercial I cast a few months ago. It played on The Disney Channel and in theaters before the movie. The girl I cast, Kori, said her family was screaming when they saw her on the big screen!! Congrats to all on this job - it was awesome!

The kids were super cute and so much fun to work with!

Studio E Winter Industry Showcase!!

Our Industry Showcase was incredible!! Lots of great agents and managers attended including Osbrink, AEF, Mavrick, Bobby Ball, Rage Talent, Appletini, Cinda Snow Management, Rex Talent Management and Studio Talent Group! We also had 9 directors and producers (some from Disney!!) and 2 casting companies (Lisa Pantone and Susan Turner). The kids and teens were AWESOME!! As always, they gave it 150% and it showed!! Some were looking for representation, while others were there to introduce themselves to more casting directors, producers and directors! We are extremely proud to say that 70% of our kids and teens have been approached by agents so far and some have even been called in to audition for a new Disney series!!! Congratulations to all our amazing actors / actresses!!! We are constantly blown away by the level of commitment, passion and love they all have for the industry!

Congratulations Brook Lloyd!

MISS BROOKIE LLOYD IS OUTSTANDING! Seriously - you MUST see her in action - she is one of the funniest, sassiest, cutest kids ever!!! Brook just booked and filmed an animated Christmas Special for the Hallmark Channel called "Hoops and Yoyo Ruin Christmas". She had the time of her life and just loved every single minute - you can see it all over her face in the picture!!! Brook started studying with us 6 months ago and has grown so much as an actor already and she JUST turned 7!!! She recently starred in our Studio E Showcase and blew everyone away with her comedy!! We are so proud of Brookie and just love her to pieces!!! Congratulations!!!

-DB & LL

Monday, February 21, 2011

Studio E Parent Showcase!

The Studio E parent showcase on Saturday, February 5th was AWESOME!! We performed at the Zephyr Theatre in West Hollywood and it was a GREAT space. The show included scenes, monologues and musical numbers. The actors and actresses were outstanding and gave 150%. Lauren and I were completely blown away, as were many parents and friends! We had 26 kids/teens (ages 6 - 18) involved in this show and the energy in the room was so positive and so amazing!!

We were extremely lucky to have the amazing Alex from Enchanted Events & Designs run our concession stand! Alex is one of the greatest, sweetest people I have ever met in my whole life and she is so talented!! She is a party planner and she sure did plan a great party for us! The food was so yummy and the table design was AMAZING. Alex went with a "Shooting Star" theme and everything looked so professional and so awesome. Thanks Alex - we love you!!

Enchanted Events & Design - and

Congratulations Jessica Reuttiger!!

If you want your socks knocked off...listen to some of Jessica's work!!! She is absolutely breathtaking!! Attached is a link to Jessica singing at the White House!!! YES - the real White House. She was asked to sing there this Christmas 2010 and it was unbelievable! You can also check her out in April singing the National Anthem at the Dodger's Stadium! She is a true gem! Jessica is completely committed. She currently lives in Las Vegas and flies out each weekend with her mom to study with us. She never misses a beat. She is not only an amazing singer, but one of the cutest kids you will ever meet. So positive, so smart and ready to take on anything. She just performed as an actress and singer in our winter 2010 showcase and was approached by a one of my favorite LA agents!! She also got an audition for a new Disney series from a director that attended!! WAY TO GO JESS!!! You are simply amazing and we love you to pieces!!!

Congratulations Brenden Miranda!!!

He is on fire!! Last month, Brenden booked 2 commercials!! His Dad received the first call from his San Diego agent that he booked an "Income from Home" commercial and about 20 minutes later his Dad received a second call from his LA agent that he booked an "XBOX 360/KINNECT" trailer. Way to go Brenden!!! Brenden is outstanding! Not only is Brenden a great actor, he is an awesome kid who will work in this business forever. We are so proud of Brenden and his whole family for all their support and love each week!!!!

Photos from his "Income from Home" commerical