Monday, March 7, 2011

21X helps us organize our Actor's Book!!

Studio E was so excited to have Tara Kenevan join us for class a couple weeks ago! Tara runs a professional organizing company called 21x in NY and LA!! I approached Tara asking for advice about organizing my actors and Tara was AWESOME!!!! She created, The Actor's Book!!!

It is so easy to get unorganized and I can't tell you how many times I have seen actors and parents scramble and feel overwhelmed right before they come in to audition for me. My goal when casting is to make the actors feel so incredibly comfortable so I can get the absolute best out of them and when they are scrambling it can be really challenging. The Actor's Book takes care of that problem and lets the parents and actors feel completely in control and calm when waiting in the lobby. The book organizes and controls EVERYTHING from you commercial headshot to the quarters you will need to fill the meter!

Click here to check out 21x and learn more about organizing those books!! Here is a great pic of MaDonna and her Dad who claim that Tara's class was one of the most informative they have experienced since they moved to LA nine years ago! Their book looks awesome!!


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