Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shaun White Skateboard

Check this out! This is a commercial I cast for the new Shaun White Skateboarding videogame for the Wii. This is probably one of my favorite spots! The cast was incredible - so professional, so fun and they really enjoyed working together as a team. The spot looks beautiful - the colors, lens flares, everything! I just love it!


Congratulations Lexi DiBenedetto!!

Lexi is on fire!! She just recently signed with Innovative Artists Agency and wrapped the lead role of Chloe in the feature film "Harley's Hill" directed by Don Most!! WAY TO GO LEXI!!! Lexi has been on callbacks for producers for the role of Annabell in the Disney pilot "Jessie", for the role of Iris in the Disney XD untitled John Heder Pilot, and for the role of Whitney in the new series "Clue". She is on fire!! YAY LEXI!!!

I have to tell you a little more about the amazing Lexi! She is such a hard-worker - extremely determined with such a great big heart!! She is such a talented performer and takes every single job seriously - big or small...she gives it 200%. We adore Lexi and we are so proud of her and all her accomplishments!!!!!! Way to go Lexi!!! You are awesome!!!


Congratulations Brenden Miranda!!!

Brenden is such an amazing kid!! He has been with us for over a year now and travels each week to LA from San Diego for classes, auditions, coaching, and so much more!! He is so dedicated and loves acting!! He is known for being the master at memorizing - you give him a 5 page script and 5 minutes and he is good to go!! Brenden recently filmed an educational drama where he played Adam an autistic child. The film will be used to train educators and psychologists on how to deal with autistic kids in the classroom. He also had a big audition this past week for the new Disney show "Gulliver Quinn". Brenden got the callback for the series regular role of Harold!!!!! WAY TO GO BRENDEN!! He is so determined, super smart, and ready to take on anything!! When Mavrick saw Brenden in our last showcase - they contacted us immediately!! He just signed with them across the board!! Congratulations Brenden!!! We are so excited and so proud of you!!!!!


YAY for Lucas Wolk!!!!

Congratulations to the AWESOME Lucas Wolk!! Above is a picture of his recent graduation from Kindergarten!! Lucas is such a cool kid!! He joined Studio E about a year ago and we love him!! He recently performed the role of "Charlie Brown" in our showcase and the audience LOVED him!! Lucas is not only an awesome actor, but an amazing karate kid - check out his picture below!! He just mastered his testing for green belt!! Way to go Lucas!!! We are so proud of you!!


Congratulations Jessica Reuttiger!!

Here is what one of the toughest critics in Las Vegas is saying about Jess!! "In the title slot, Jessica Ruettiger belts out "Tomorrow" like there's no today. She's equally adept at communicating the vulnerability of ballads. You fall in love with her, without being pushed into it." YAY JESS!!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!! To read the full review, visit:

Jess joined Studio E about 6 months and flew in with her awesome mom from Las Vegas every week just for class!! She is EXTREMELY committed, SUPER talented, and an INCREDIBLY beautiful person! We are lucky to have her in our lives and in our program!!! Congratulations Jess!!! We are so proud of you!!