Monday, February 21, 2011

Congratulations Jessica Reuttiger!!

If you want your socks knocked off...listen to some of Jessica's work!!! She is absolutely breathtaking!! Attached is a link to Jessica singing at the White House!!! YES - the real White House. She was asked to sing there this Christmas 2010 and it was unbelievable! You can also check her out in April singing the National Anthem at the Dodger's Stadium! She is a true gem! Jessica is completely committed. She currently lives in Las Vegas and flies out each weekend with her mom to study with us. She never misses a beat. She is not only an amazing singer, but one of the cutest kids you will ever meet. So positive, so smart and ready to take on anything. She just performed as an actress and singer in our winter 2010 showcase and was approached by a one of my favorite LA agents!! She also got an audition for a new Disney series from a director that attended!! WAY TO GO JESS!!! You are simply amazing and we love you to pieces!!!

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