Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Studio E Winter Industry Showcase!!

Our Industry Showcase was incredible!! Lots of great agents and managers attended including Osbrink, AEF, Mavrick, Bobby Ball, Rage Talent, Appletini, Cinda Snow Management, Rex Talent Management and Studio Talent Group! We also had 9 directors and producers (some from Disney!!) and 2 casting companies (Lisa Pantone and Susan Turner). The kids and teens were AWESOME!! As always, they gave it 150% and it showed!! Some were looking for representation, while others were there to introduce themselves to more casting directors, producers and directors! We are extremely proud to say that 70% of our kids and teens have been approached by agents so far and some have even been called in to audition for a new Disney series!!! Congratulations to all our amazing actors / actresses!!! We are constantly blown away by the level of commitment, passion and love they all have for the industry!

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