Monday, March 7, 2011

Studio E's Improv Class!

We started to really tap into the improv world this week!! I always stress to my actors to - add on and make it your own. Sometimes I see 100 people a day for 1 role and the only way one can really stand out is by - adding on and making it your own. Improv really helps us do just that - we get out of our head and bring some really great stuff to the table. Improv can be really tricky - we say think, but don't think. What does that mean? Well we do lots of exercises to get the brain thinking and aware of everything going on in the group and once we are in the scene we let our brains take over and we go with the moment. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Another thing I really stress. If you go big or do something no one else is doing - you will stand out. It may not be right, and we may ask you to bring it down or change the tone - but I can promise you...we will remember you...because you went big and you will stand out in our mind at the end of the day.

Some improv stuff we learned this week...
  1. LISTENING - listening to your partner and really taking in everything they are doing helps the scene find the funny.
  2. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF - of course we can bring characters to the table, but inside we are all funny and the more we play each scene to the best of our abilities the easier the scene can find the funny.
  3. TAKING EXPERIENCES FROM OUR OWN, REAL LIFE - we do this one awesome exercise where we tell a real story about something we went through (could be something funny) and that should inspire someone else in the group to bring something to the table and so forth as so on. We are all funny inside - the more we make it true to us and our character the easier the scene can find the funny.
Stay tuned for more exciting improv tips as we continue to explore it each week.


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