Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congratulations Brenden Miranda!!!

Brenden is such an amazing kid!! He has been with us for over a year now and travels each week to LA from San Diego for classes, auditions, coaching, and so much more!! He is so dedicated and loves acting!! He is known for being the master at memorizing - you give him a 5 page script and 5 minutes and he is good to go!! Brenden recently filmed an educational drama where he played Adam an autistic child. The film will be used to train educators and psychologists on how to deal with autistic kids in the classroom. He also had a big audition this past week for the new Disney show "Gulliver Quinn". Brenden got the callback for the series regular role of Harold!!!!! WAY TO GO BRENDEN!! He is so determined, super smart, and ready to take on anything!! When Mavrick saw Brenden in our last showcase - they contacted us immediately!! He just signed with them across the board!! Congratulations Brenden!!! We are so excited and so proud of you!!!!!


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  1. What day it the callback for Gulliver Quinn?