Monday, February 22, 2010

On-Camera Audition Technique

Classes last week were terrific. Saturday and Sunday were both dedicated to on-camera commercial audition technique, which can be very difficult. How can we make boring commercial copy fun? Ask Michael Andrew. He was having the time of his life up there doing his Baked Veggie Crisps copy. We all could not stop laughing! Alex stayed strong with her "hunka hunka" commercial copy, and as usual Miranda made us all laugh hysterical using her southern accent while singing the opening of her Betty Crocker commercial.

Each actor entered the room as they would an audition. They would greet us, slate, and act! We had all the actors in front of the camera. We try to do this every month to get the actors familiar with the camera and to help them really focus and control their energy. Since we are on a stage for most of the classes, it is easy to go really big and over the top. The camera reminds us to control our actions and make it real.

At the end of class, we left some time for improv. Zayd, Ranya, Erica & Kiana blew us all away with their wedding florist sketch comedy. They really listened to each other, fed off one another and invited the audience into the world they created. HYSTERICAL!

Each week the kids, pre-teens & teens give 100%. We are so proud to have such an incredible group of actors and actresses! Stay tuned for details about this weekend - our improv / scene study workshop.

-DB & LL

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