Friday, February 12, 2010

Who are we?

Welcome to Studio E's blogspot! We are proud to share our stories and adventures with you! Let us rewind a minute and tell you who we are (just incase you don't already know). Studio E is run by casting director Dina Buglione & Lauren Lux of DB Casting. This is an intensive workshop that meets once a week at The Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. Our actors are all very talented and dedicated to their craft. This is an intensive workshop that focuses on scene study, improv, audition technique, voice-over (animation & commercial), and much more. All actors must audition to become a member of Studio E. Ages are 7-18 and classes are Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. In June & January we hold Industry Showcases, where we present all our work to directors, producers, agents, managers, and much more! We also put on a separate show for parents, family, and friends! Our January showcase was a huge success! Not only did some incredible directors attend, but lots of excited agents came and loved our talent! 50% of our kids & teens received new representation! We are proud of each and every one of our Studio E members! You are all amazing!

-DB & LL

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