Saturday, April 24, 2010

Studio E Members are living the dream!!

So many exciting stories to report!! Our kids and teens are working like crazy and we are so proud of them!!

Let's here it for the fantasic MIRANDA MAY!!

Miranda just performed at the Hollywood Improv and was AMAZING!! She performs as a comedian with Standing Tall Comedy Kids run by Joey Paul Jensen and Colette Craan. Miranda is an outstanding performer and perhaps one of the funniest people we have ever met. You can check out Miranda's comedy skills at the Studio E Showcase in June where she will perform some scenes and host the show!!

Let's make some noise for 2 amazing guys - ZAYD JABER & ANDREW HENRY!!!

Zayd and Andrew recently filmed an episode of Nickelodeon's BrainSurge and let's just say they rocked the house!! Zayd and Andrew are extremely hard working and take their craft very seriously. They are both standout, AWESOME performers and you can check them out at the Studio E Showcase!

And the very talented BRIE BERNSTEIN!!

Brie recently booked a guest spot on Hanna Montana and had an amazing experience. Brie got to meet and work with the entire cast and had the time of her life!! We can't wait to see her on TV - she is a terrific performer and we are so proud of you her!! Way to go Brie!! Check her out in the June Showcase!!

And the lovely AMBER URBAN!!

Amber recently booked a guest spot on Victorious and loved every minute of it!!. She had a blast on set and can't wait to keep on working in the industry. Amber also recently signed with Mavrick for theatrical representation! We are continuously blown away by her passion and excitement for acting - she is a superb performer! Way to go Amber!!

And the spectacular BRITTANY GUTHZEIT!!

Brittany recently preformed in the LA Women in Music’s Young Talent Night at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood. She performed three songs, one on piano with voice, one just piano, and one on guitar with voice. Brittany is also an outstanding actress with SO many talents and we are very proud to have her as a member of Studio E!! Way to go Brittany! You can check her out in our June Showcase, where she will be singing, playing piano and performing.

And the beautiful ALEXA GARDNER!!

Alexa is currently acting in a cable series that is in pre-production!! Stay tuned for more details!! Alexa is extremely talented and works not only on-camera, but in the theatre. Aside from her amazing acting chops, Alexa has an absolutely beautiful voice. You can check out Alexa in our June Showcase, where she will be performing a song from "Wicked" and a scene from a tv show.

And the brilliant KIANA BOYD takes 1st place!!

Congrats Kiana!! Way to go!! Kiana came in 1st place in track and field this past week and also qualified for the High Jump!! Along with being an incredible actress, Kiana is a spectacular athlete and honor student - 3.8 average!! Kiana is extremely dedicated and hard working and we are so lucky to have her in our program. Kiana is currently getting ready to perform with us in June - check her out - she is amazing!!

These are just a few updates - so please stay tuned to learn more about our fabulous Studio E actors and actresses - THEY ARE ALL AMAZING and clearly taking over the world!!!


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