Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Studio E actors sign with great agencies!

So first I have to explain this picture. One of the moms in our program, Alisa Griner, made this incredible cake. If you look closely, the entire cake is full of headshots of all Studio E members that were involved in our last showcase. AMAZING - seriously amazing. For the showcase in January, Alisa made everyone Studio E cookies with our logo on it. I have no idea what we would do without the amazing moms (and dads!!) in our program. They help behind stage, they bring goodies, they help supervise, they are UNREAL! They are not only outstanding parents, but have become our family as well and we love them all!!! As for the agency news - every February and June we put up a showcase which we present to agents, managers, casting directors, directors, and producers. 50% of our kids get approached after every showcase by agents and managers! We are proud to announce some of those kids and teens who have officially signed. Buchwald Talent Agency has signed Andrew Henry, Austin Henry and Anthony AC Batiste! Appletini Talent Agency has signed Porter Smith, Cheyenne Jade, Aarica Griner, and Arrow Griner! Hervey Grimes Talent Agency has signed Kiana Boyd and Tiera Pradier! Mavrick Artists Agency has signed Ryan Klapp, Amber Urban, and Miranda May! Congratulations!! We are so incredibly proud of all of the kids and teens in our program. They all work extremely hard and are the highlight of our week! Thank you to each and every one of you - you are all the greatest kids in the whole world!

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